Venue: The ITF

The Franciscan Theological Institute (ITF) is an institution founded in 1899 for theological formation. Its headquarters in Petrópolis has a great location, bringing excellent logistics to reach the College campus. The ITF has an Academic Hall with a large, modern and functional structure. The location offers total accessibility to people with special needs. With a capacity for 350 people seated, the hall has a complete audiovisual installation, offering a screen, image projector and sound system. In addition, there are 5 classrooms where the technical sections will be held, a student lounge (for organizing meetings) and cafeteria and open area.

Imperial City

Petropolis is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the hills. Over time it has been known as “Imperial City” due to its own history. Petropolis has a population of approximately 300,000 inhabitants, the largest and most populous city of the Region Serrana Fluminense, with the highest GDP and HDI of the region. According to IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research), among medium and large Brazilian cities, Petrópolis is the safest city in the State of Rio de Janeiro and the sixth in Brazil.

Petrópolis was founded by Emperor Dom Pedro II, hence the name. It is called the Imperial City, because it was Dom Pedro’s favorite route to his leisure and rest. It was state capital from 1894 to 1902, during the Revolt of the Armada.


Petropolis is more than 800 meters high, offering a mild climate. Historic buildings, vegetation and geography are tourist attractions, as well as the Imperial Museum, the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, the Crystal Palace, the Santos Dumont House, the São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral, the Quitandinha Palace, the Palace Rio Negro, among other attractions.

Petrópolis is located 68 km from the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and its urban central area is at the top of Serra da Estrela, part of the Serra dos Órgãos complex, which in turn is a part of the Serra do Mar. Serrano environment, very humid, shelters the vegetation known as Mata Atlântica. This makes one of the tourist attractions are the vegetation, the geography and the climate, with emphasis on the Serra dos Órgãos National Park.

The abundance of the clear and pure water of the mountain and the influence of the German immigration are strong elements that gave origin to the brewery of Petrópolis, cradle of the beer in Brazil. The first brewing industry in Brazil, Bohemia, was established in Petrópolis in 1853. Petrópolis created in 2014 the tourist and cultural route of beer in Petrópolis, strengthening and specializing the region also in artisanal beers. Petrópolis counts on breweries open to visits, providing knowledge about beer manufacturing, the diverse styles of beer and their tasting.

Economy, Science and Technology

Petrópolis has very active commercial and services sectors, a very relevant industrial sector and a prominent agricultural production. The Technological Park Region Serrana (SerraTec) is the union of the technology sector of the three main cities of the Serrana Fluminense Region: Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo. In the ICT sector, the three cities together have about 130 companies in the production of software, new technologies, innovation projects and research and development.

Petrópolis has received an increasing technical community. It recently received UERJ, CEFET, UFF campi and is the headquarters of LNCC (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing), a research unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC). In addition to these institutions, at Petrópolis one can also find the Catholic University of Petrópolis, the Faculty of Medicine of Petrópolis, Arthur Sá Earp Neto College, Estácio de Sá University, the University of Northern Paraná, the Faculty of Technological Education of the State of Rio de January is a state public institution of higher education, maintained by the Foundation for Technical School Support (FAETEC), and the Franciscan Theological Institute – where XXXVII SBrT will be held.