The general theme of SBrT in 2019 will be Communication, Learning and Cooperation between Machines, Objects and Humans. Improvements in communication systems, increased processing capacity, profusion of cheaper and cheaper sensors, reduced energy consumption in different tasks, and increased energy storage efficiency have transformed everyday life. Small and autonomous devices capable of processing and learning information are increasingly present and evolving. A future is predicted where a large number of machines and objects will incorporate these capabilities possibly transforming the way humans use and interact with them and the space in which they inhabit. All this evolution will require the research and development of knowledge, techniques and technologies that allow to boost the capacities of the devices of processing and communication of these devices. Thus, we propose to the national scientific community the challenge of thinking and developing systems of communication, processing and learning that foster communication, learning and cooperation between machines, objects and humans in order to generate economic growth, wealth generation and quality improvement of life.